The registration, abstract submission and technical programme development is managed by the Integrated Digital Conference (INDICO) Meetings, Events, Conferences Tool developed by CERN. To be able to re-visit your registration and update it with abstract submission etc., you must have an account at INDICO. Your INDICO account registration information can be seen only by the RadChem 2018 organising team and it will be used only as an input into your RadChem registration; it will not be passed to any third party.

You may create your new INDICO account here.

After you receive your confirmation e-mail (typically, the delivery takes about 1 hour) and activate your account, you may log-in to INDICO and register for the conference / submit an abstract.

If you already have an active INDICO account, you may log-in and fill-in / re-visit your RadChem 2018 registration and/or submit/review your abstract here.

In case of any problems with the abstract submission, please contact the RadChem office.